About us

Levieux Architects was founded in 1991 by Janis Levieux and became a partnership in 1997 when Dudley Levieux joined. Both Janis and Dudley are registered professional architects who qualified from the University of the Witwatersrand in the late eighties. The practice works in both Gauteng and the Western Cape, but has taken on projects as far afield as Kwazulu Natal and the Eastern Cape. Levieux Architects became Levieux Jacklin Architects (Pty) Ltd in 2016.

  • Loft space
    Loft space
  • 47 Rutland Road, Parkwood
    47 Rutland Road, Parkwood

Levieux Architects is a full service architectural design firm which has completed projects within the Commercial, Industrial, Residential and Health sectors. We believe in collaborating with our clients in order to achieve a result which will meet their practical needs while at the same time creating buildings of quality that are built within time and on budget.


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